Transit Visa

If you have to make a quick stop in another country on your way to your final destination, you may be required to have a transit visa. This type of visa is most frequently required when there are no direct flights to your final destination. Some countries do not require this type of visa if you are not leaving the airport and will be there for less than a certain amount of time (e.g. 12 or 24 hours). Other countries require travelers to get a transit visa no matter how brief their stay. If you need to stay in the airport for more than 24 hours or you want to leave the airport, you will probably need a transit visa. Keep in mind that while some countries allow brief travel outside of the airport (e.g. one or two days) on a transit type of visa, others require you to have a tourist visa if you are going to leave the airport regardless of how long you will be there.

It is important to learn about the visa application process of the country you will be visiting before you begin your trip. Some countries will allow you to get a transit type of visa after you land at the airport, while others require you to obtain a transit visa at an embassy or consulate in your home country before you leave. If you arrive at the airport without the proper travel documents you could be subject to fines or imprisonment. While the application requirements vary from country to country, below are some general guidelines about what you can expect to provide when you apply.

Application Form

You must submit a completed application form. It is important that you include all of the required information. If your application is missing information or contains errors, it will delay the processing of your visa and could result in your application being rejected altogether.


When applying for a transit type visa you will also be required to provide a valid passport. In general, it must have been issued within the last 10 years and have at least two to four blank visa pages remaining. In addition, many countries have validity requirements for passports. For example, some countries require that you have at least three months validity remaining in your passport while others require six months validity before they will issue a visa. If your passport does not have the required amount of validity remaining, you will have to renew your passport before you can obtain your visa.

Proof of Travel Arrangements

You may be required to provide an itinerary or other type of travel arrangements that show your travel plans in order to obtain a transit visa. This shows the dates you are scheduled to travel and verifies that you will only be spending a brief time in the country before continuing on to your final destination.

Residency or Visa for Final Destination

To obtain a transit visa, you must be able to show that you are a resident in another country and have to stop in the interim country to get to your home country, or you must have a visa that allows you to enter the country that is your final destination.


You must provide all applicable fees at the time of application.

Minor Requirements

In an effort to protect children from international abduction, most countries have additional requirements for minors who need to obtain a visa. If you are applying for a visa on behalf of a minor, make sure you have met these additional requirements.

Additional Requirements

There may be additional requirements for obtaining a transit type visa depending upon the country you are visiting. For complete visa information, visit the website of the embassy or consulate for the country you want to visit.

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