Quick Tips on Passport Expediting Secrets

When you need your passport in a hurry, there are a handful of passport expediting secrets that can help make the process of getting your passport go smoothly. No one wants to realize they don’t have a current, valid passport when they’re scheduled to leave the country in a few days or weeks.

When you’re short on time, your options are limited if you want to get your passport before you leave. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s even possible to get your passport quickly enough so you won’t have to delay your trip, here are some things to keep in mind.

Carefully fill out the required forms.

Incorrectly completed forms are one of the main reasons passport applications are delayed. This is one of the biggest passport expediting secrets you need to know. It is very important that you pay close attention when you are completing the forms to make sure they are filled out correctly and you are not missing any forms you are required to include.

Make sure you review your application carefully before you submit it for processing. If any mistakes are discovered after you have submitted it, you could experience a delay in receiving your passport.

It can take longer than you think.

According to the U.S. government, the average processing time for routine service is four to six weeks, and the average processing time for expedited service through the government is two to three weeks.

The passport expediting secret you may not know is that it can take longer than the stated time to receive your passport, especially from January-July, when there is typically an increased volume of passport applications. To be on the safe side when planning your trip, you should assume that it will take longer than expected to receive your passport.

It’s easier to renew your passport than it is to get a new one.

If you already have a valid U.S. passport that needs to be renewed, you will have fewer forms to fill out, less documentation to provide and fewer hoops to jump through. Are you surprised? It is one of the passport expediting secrets that many people do not know.

If your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged or you are applying for a passport for the first time, you will be required to fill out more forms, provide additional documentation, and you will be required to appear before a passport acceptance agent before you can submit your application for processing.

Passport expediters cannot appear before an acceptance agent on your behalf.

Under certain circumstances you may be required to appear before an acceptance agent, who will verify your identity and witness you sign the passport application form (DS-11). This is a passport expediting secret people are not prepared for.

Many people think that when they get an expediting service to secure their passport for them, the expediting service will also be able to appear before the acceptance agent on their behalf. They cannot. The passport applicant must appear before the acceptance agent.

Complete the authorization form.

When you choose to have an expediter submit your passport application for you, the expediting service will send you an authorization form you must complete and sign. It lets the U.S. Passport Agency know you have given your consent to have the expediting service file your passport application on your behalf.

Without this form, the expediter cannot file your application. Knowing this passport expediting secret can prevent delays in your application. Make sure you complete and sign this form and send to the expediting service with your application and the rest of your documentation.

Fees vary greatly.

Most passport expediters offer a range of services based on how quickly you need your passport. There is a fee associated with each service. But these fees can vary greatly between expediting companies.

So, if you decide to get a passport expediting service let “Its easy” handle your application for you, make sure you are being charged a reasonable fee for the service you choose. This is one of the passport expediting secrets that can help save you money. With a quick internet search, you can easily find out if a particular rate is typical for the service being provided.

Expediters guarantee their service.

Many passport expediters guarantee their service. The government does not make the same promise. When you need your passport quickly, an expediter can help make sure you get your passport, so you can leave as scheduled.

In rare situations, a passport may not be ready when it is supposed to be. In those cases, many expediters will give you your money back. Make sure you choose one who does.

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