Minor Consent for Passport DS-3053

In an effort to protect minors, the U.S. government has instituted rules that require both parents/guardians of minors to provide minor consent for passport before a passport can be issued in their child’s name. Parents/guardians usually provide consent at the time of application by signing form DS-11. However, in some cases when both parents cannot be present at the time of application form DS-3043 is required in order to obtain a passport for a minor.

When Is Form DS-3053 required?

You are required to submit form DS-3053 if:

  • You cannot accompany your child at the time of application, and you need to provide written consent, so your child can obtain a passport
  • You are applying for a passport on your child’s behalf, and you cannot get minor consent for passport from the child’s other parent/guardian.
  • Submitting Form DS-3053

    Note: Complete the form in black ink

    If you are required to submit form DS-3053 with your child’s passport application, follow the steps listed below:

  • Complete item 4a (Statement of Consent) if you are providing consent for the issuance of your child’s passport because you cannot be present at the time of application
  • Complete item 5 (Statement of Special Circumstances) if you need to get a passport for your child and cannot obtain written consent for the passport from your child’s other parent/guardian. You must explain how you have tried to contact the non-applying parent/guardian to get minor consent for passport and why he/she cannot be reached.
  • If you are submitting a statement of consent, you must have form DS-3053 notarized and submit a copy of the front and back of your ID with the form.
  • Submit form DS-3053 with form DS-11 in person at a passport acceptance facility or passport agency. If you are including a statement of consent with your child’s application you must apply for your child’s passport within three months of having the statement notarized.
  • How Quickly Will My Child’s Passport Be Issued?

    U.S. passport applications for minors can be submitted at a passport acceptance facility or passport agency. If you submit your child’s passport application at an acceptance facility, you will be asked to choose either routine or expedited processing through the U.S. government when you provide minor consent for passport. If you choose routine service, you will receive your child’s passport within four to six weeks. If you choose expedited service, your child’s passport will be processed within two to three weeks. However, these timelines are only estimates. It is possible that it will take longer to receive your child’s passport during peak application times throughout the year. If you apply for your child’s passport at a passport agency, it will usually be issued the same day you apply.

    What if I Need My Child’s Passport Faster?

    If you need to obtain your child’s passport quickly and can’t get to a passport agency to apply, you can authorize a professional passport expediting service like “easy service” to apply on your child’s behalf. Since you must provide minor consent for passport in person by signing form DS-11 and submitting form DS-3053 (if applicable), you must appear before a passport acceptance agent before you can send your application to the expediter. The acceptance agent will witness you sign form DS-11 and put your application materials in a sealed envelope, which the agent will return to you.

    You must send the envelope with your application to the expediting service. The expediter will contact you to review your child’s passport application with you to make sure it is complete and there are no errors. Then a representative from the expediting service will hand deliver your child’s application to the U.S. passport agency to be processed. When your child’s passport has been issued a representative from the expediter’s office will pick it up from the passport agency and overnight it to you in time for your trip.

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