Korea Visa

U.S. citizens traveling to South Korea do not need a Korea visa for stays of up to 90 days if they are traveling for any of the following reasons: tourism, business, attending a conference, or visiting family and/or friends. If you will be staying for longer than 90 days or the purpose of your trip is something other than the reasons listed above, you must obtain a travel visa before you arrive in Korea. You cannot change the type of visa you have after you arrive in Korea, so it is important that you apply for the correct one before you depart. U.S. citizens can apply for a five year multiple entry visa that allows stays of up to 90 days per visit as long as the visa is valid.

If you will be staying for longer than 90 days you must get an Alien Registration Card when you arrive in Korea. If you want to stay longer than your Korea visa allows you must apply for an extension. If you stay past the expiration date on your visa, you will be fined and you will not be allowed to leave the country until you have paid the fine.


The requirements for obtaining a visa depend on the type of visa for which you are applying.

However, you must submit the documents listed below no matter what type of visa you need to secure.

  • A valid U.S. passport
  • A passport size photo
  • A completed application form. It is very important that you provide all of the requested information. If your form is incomplete or inaccurate, your application will not be processed, delaying the issuance of your visa and possibly your travel plans.
  • All applicable fees
  • There are additional requirements based on the type of Korea visa for which you are applying. For the most up to date visa requirements, visit the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

    How to Apply

    You can submit your application by mail or in person at a Korean Embassy or Consulate. If youapply by mail it is recommended that you use certified mail, so your application can be tracked. If you apply by mail, be sure to include a self-addressed envelope so your passport and visa can be mailed back to you. The return envelope must be pre-paid, and it must be provided by an express mail service such as USPS Express Mail, FedEx, UPS or DHL. Your passport and visa will not be returned to you by regular mail for security reasons.

    Fees/Payment Info.

    The fee for a U.S. citizen to obtain a Korea visa is $45.00. Payment will only be accepted by cash or money order made payable to “Korean Consulate General.”

    Visa Expediting Service

    If you are required to obtain a visa for your trip and you need help getting it, you can authorize a professional visa service like “company name” to apply on your behalf. When you work with a visa company, applying for your visa is fast and easy.

    Professional visa services have databases of the most up to date visa requirements making it simple for you to identify the documents you need to provide in order to obtain your visa. In addition, representatives are available to answer any questions you have throughout the application process.

    After you have completed your Korea visa application form and gathered all of the required documents, you must send them to the visa service. Your materials will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy before they are submitted to the Embassy, so there are no delays in the issuance of your visa. After your visa is issued, it will be mailed to you, so you can be on your way.

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