Bangladesh Foreign Entry Requirements

When traveling to Bangladesh, there are several Bangladesh foreign entry requirements you need to be aware of before you leave for your trip.

Bangladesh requires all U.S. citizens to present an onward/return ticket, valid passport and visa upon arrival. However, these entry requirements are subject to change.

For the most up to date information, contact the Bangladesh Embassy or visit the website of the Embassy of Bangladesh prior to your trip.

Onward/Return Ticket

When you arrive in Bangladesh, you will need to present a return ticket to the United States or proof of onward travel to show you will not remain in the country beyond your authorized stay.


One of the Bangladesh foreign entry requirements for U.S. citizens is a passport valid for at least six months after the scheduled stay in Bangladesh. If you do not have a passport, or your current passport does not have the requisite amount of validity remaining, you will need to get a new one before your trip.


All U.S. citizens traveling to Bangladesh are also required to have a valid Bangladesh visa. If you are traveling for one of the following reasons, you can get a visa on arrival: official business, business/trade, potential investors, tourists and members of defense and security forces who have clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the government of Bangladesh.

If you choose to meet the Bangladesh foreign entry requirements by getting your visa on arrival, you will need to provide the following: visa fee, minimum of $500 in cash or credit card (except government travelers), and a return ticket.

However, the U.S. Department of State recommends securing your visa prior to arrival. According to the State Department, you could experience significant delays upon arrival if you don’t have a visa, and you may not be allowed to enter countries you need to transit in order to get to Bangladesh.

If you are staying for more than 30 days or you need a multiple entry visa, you must meet the Bangladesh foreign entry requirements by securing your visa at a Bangladesh Embassy or Consulate prior to your arrival.

To obtain your visa through the embassy or consulate, you must provide several forms and supporting documents, so your application can be processed.

The exact requirements vary based on the type of visa for which you are applying. However, listed below are items that are commonly required to secure a Bangladesh visa.

  • Two copies of completed application form
  • Two passport photos
  • Visa fee
  • Passport with at least six months validity and two blank visa pages remaining
  • This list is not all-inclusive. You will be required to provide additional documentation based on the purpose of your visit. For the most up to date visa and Bangladesh foreign entry requirements, visit the website of the Embassy of Bangladesh.

    Submitting Your Application

    After you have completed your application and gathered the necessary supporting documents, you can submit your application in person or by mail.

    If you submit your application by mail, you must include a prepaid, self-addressed envelope, so your passport can be returned to you after your visa is issued.

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